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Helping Hands - Pair

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Helping Hands - Pair
Helping Hands - Pair

This groundbreaking technology allows you to keep your beloved tankard or goblet close by but keeps yours hands free. Who would have thought that you could look so good while being completely practical!

This leather beauty comes on a snap closure belt loop for easy wearing. The handy strap has a lobster clip which allows you to attach various items such as keys, umbrellas, or fans to the belt loop.

This lobster clasp can accommodate slim handles on mugs and chalices, for medium or larger handles please purchase our mug strap extension to pair with this product.

If you would like to use our Helping Hands as a skirt hike we offer skirt hike rings to pair with this product as well.

*Not for use with currently full mugs, that would be messy.

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