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A Star is Born

Amanda Perrin

We Made a Thing!

  As a fledgling company we are constantly creating new things to fill out our bag of wonders. Granted, it's a terrible tragedy being forced to constantly make new and interesting monsters, but someone has to do it.

  Anywho, we wanted to introduce the newest monster in our shop: Monster Book. Is it going to eat people to protect its secrets within? Who knows! All we know is that our new toothy companion is getting a lot of attention with all those smoldering good looks. I mean, who could resist those beady little eyes and snot nose? We certainly can't!

  This journal design is available in a wide range of colors, tooth shapes, and sizes so come check them out at the festival nearest you. As always they are filled with handmade cotton paper that is great for any variety of art and writing applications.

  Psst, hey! Just so you know, we are also willing to cook up a monster book companion specifically for you in our lab, inquire today.

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  • I was just in your booth at the AZ Ren Fair and really wanted one of your purse monsters, but the rest of the Ren Fair got to me first. I don’t seem to see them on your Catalog. Are they going to be added or can I order one directly though you?


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